Cable Placement Services

Our Underground Cable Placement Services:

  • Duct/Cable plowing
  • Place inner duct
  • Place manholes
  • Place fiber cable -- all sizes
  • Metro installs
  • Long-haul installs
  • Quick moves to a job
  • Micro Fiber & Micro Duct placement
  • FTTH & FTTP construction
  • Rodding
  • Duct proofing

Why Fiber-Tel Contractors Utilizes "Cable Blowing":

  • Cable is placed faster.
  • Cable is installed virtually stress-free resulting in less splicing.
  • Figure 8s are minimized by cascading cable jets in series.
  • Savings result from fewer (or zero) hand holes or manholes.
Placing Duct with a cable plowPlacing duct with a cable plow
along the railroad tracks for a
placement & splicing project in
Naperville, IL for Burlington
Northern/Santa Fe Railroad.

Laying cable in
Completely equipped crews safety
trained and qualified in
cable "blowing" placement.