Licenses & Bonding

We will obtain licensing in any state as needed or required by a client's job.
Currently we hold licenses in the following states:

  • Alabama Contractors License
  • Arizona Contractors License
  • Arkansas Contractors License
  • Florida Contractors License
  • Georgia Contractors License
  • Louisiana Contractors License
  • Mississippi Contractors License
  • New Mexico Contractors License
  • Oregon Contractors License
  • South Carolina Contractors License
  • Tennessee Contractors License
  • Virginia Contractors License
  • Washington Contractors License
  • West Virginia Contractors License
Aerial bucket truck
Some of our aerial bucket trucks
 at our yard in between jobs.

Another aerial bucket truck
Another example of some of our
 aerial bucket trucks in between
jobs at our yard in Midway.

Approved Contractor for:

  • Windstream Communications Approved (Master Contractor)
  • AT&T (SBC) Approved Contractor with Tier 2 Certification
  • Level 3 Certified Employees
  • Verizon (formerly MCI) Approved Contractor
  • CenturyLink Approved Contractor
  • Corning Cable Systems Trained
  • Many More!
Splicing truck with lab
Examples of some of our
splicing trucks with labs.
Another splicing truck with lab
Another example of our
splicing trucks with labs.