Fiber Optic Restoration Training

Since the mid-1990s, Fiber-Tel Contractors has instructed thousands of telephone company employees in the correct procedures for emergency restoration of fiber optic networks.

Teaching fiber class in Mexico Teaching one week fiber optic school
with interpreter and employees
 of one of the Mexican cable TV companies
located in the Sonora providence of Mexico.

What if an accidental cable cut were to interrupt service to your customers? You would need to restore service quickly and avoid costly losses. To meet that need, Fiber-Tel recommends that cable service providers prepare for such unforeseen problems in advance by training employees in emergency restoration. Fiber-Tel's emergency restoration training requires one eight-hour day and is taught by Fiber-Tel owner Michael Mansfield or another qualified Fiber-Tel technician. 

Training is done on-site at your facility or at Fiber-Tel's Midway, Arkansas office. Emergency restoration training needs to be scheduled at least a month ahead. If more than six employees are to be trained in emergency restoration, additional classes will need to be scheduled.

"This is hands-on, practical training to temporarily restore a cut or damaged fiber optic cable system," according to Michael Mansfield of Fiber-Tel. This training is recommended for all of Fiber-Tel's customers who have fiber in the ground or are responsible for maintaining their fiber optic cable plant.

Company owners should also consider sending employees to a refresher course in emergency restoration every year or so to keep employees up to date on these skills of restoring services in an emergency.

One Day Emergency Restoration Class - Boying Falls, Michigan
Boying Falls, Michigan
Client: CenturyLink
One Day Emergency Restoration Class


One Day Emergency Restoration Class - Ringold, Georgia
Ringold, Georgia
Client: Ringold Telephone
One Day Emergency Restoration Class