Fiber-Tel Contractors, Inc. stocks splice closures, splicing supplies and thousands of feet of breakout and distribution cable for custom cable assemblies.

We are a distributor for Optical Cable Corporation Fiber.

We also build on-site in our production facilities many types of custom cable assemblies. We warranty our workmanship on the custom cable assemblies for the life of your plant! Call today and discuss your product needs.


Some of our fiber cable stock
We stock thousands of feet of fiber optic cable and hundreds of different types of splice closures.
Some of our cable and splicing stock
We stock many types of splice closures including: Preformed Coyote Closers, Tyco and 3M. These splice closures are capable of handling up to 576 splices & are suitable for buried or aerial Telco or CATV applications. Also, we stock splice trays and other miscellaneous hardware.
We stock more than just cable like splices, patch panels and more
We also have a large stock of patch panels, splice trays, fusion splice heat shrink sleeves and and other miscellaneous splicing supplies as a service to our customers to help facilitate their projects.
Our in-house custom cable assembly area
Area where some of our in-house custom cable assemblies are manufactured, utilizing 12 position polishing machines for UPC, APC, and superior back reflection results. We provide a full, 10 year warranty on all custom fiber optic cable assemblies.
 state-of-the-art polishing machine
State-of-the-art ultra polishing machine utilized to maintain manufacturer's quality for on-site locations or in-house custom cable fiber optic assemblies.
 working on cable